(D) Fluval LED Strip Lights, 48in(122cm)

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With three rows of daylight bulbs, Fluval Ultra Bright LED Aquarium light produces the same light intensity as a twin tube strip light but uses less energy. The light is excellent for fish-only marine tanks or freshwater, low-light planted tanks (such as crypts, anubis, and java fern). The 7500K LED band provides better colour rendering and a natural shimmering effect. The LED fixture has a very low profile design-only 3/4" in height and 5" wide. Both ends of the light have extendable ABS leg supports that expand to fit wider tanks. The legs also give off a blue glo when the moon lights are on during the night hours. Key Features: Day & Night LED Lighting High Lumen Output Can be used with deeper tanks Energy efficient Sleek slim design Creates spectacular underwater lighting 7500K lighting for natural light replication 3-setting switch: ON (day), ON (night) and OFF Day setting features ultra bright white LED lights that replicate natural daylight Night setting has ultra bright blue LED lights that replicate natural moonlight Shimmer effect mimics underwater look of natural sunlight and moonlight Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths 32 Watts Size: 122 -152 cm (48 - 60'‘) 2800 Lumens Total LED Count: 156 (146 White/8 Blue)
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