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The Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 is a fully customizable 3-in-1 water pump designed for a variety of freshwater and marine applications. With both internal and external capability, this remarkable unit easily converts to function as a power head, circulation pump, or utility pump. The Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 is ideal for driving under-gravel filters, powering protein skimmers and reactors, sump and refugium applications, and more! Circulation Pump: Propeller is specifically designed to maximize water flow Custom propeller cage protects aquarium inhabitants and internal components, while minimizing flow restriction Omni-directional mount enables pump adjustment based on the specific current requirements of your aquarium Power Head/Utility Pump: Venturi provides silent, fully adjustable aeration for your aquarium Adaptable intake allows power head to be used with under-gravel or sponge filters Rotational output allows user to direct water flow to specific areas within the aquarium Impeller is specifically designed to maximize water flow Sealed intake for internal and external uses. Ideal for protein skimmers, calcium reactors, and refugiums. The Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 3-in-1 Water Pump offers professional design and innovative technology at a value-minded price!
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