NeoGlow Cube Aquarium Kit - Pink - 7.5 gal

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Bring your aquarium adventure to the next level with the Aqueon, 7.5 gallon NeoGlow Cube Aquarium Kit. This glass aquarium features Pink fluorescent silicone edges to bring excitement into any area of your home or office. With a black integrated background the colors in your aquarium will truly stand out, especially with the low profile hood that emits beautiful blue LED lighting. You are provided with 1 fuchsia, 1 orange and 1 blue decorative plant, and a multi-colored 10 lb bag of gravel to start you off with an impressive look. Keeping your aquarium water clean is important for the health of your fish as well as the overall aesthetic of your environment; install the included QuietFlow E Internal Filter 10, which uses a small cartridge in order to maintain your aquarium water. The NeoGlow Aquarium Kit gives you fish food and water care samples, along with an aquarium setup guide to easily put your aquarium together. 13.125" x 12.125" x 13.125"
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