(D) 30W Life-Glo II Fluor. Bulb-T8-V

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The Life-GLO T8, 30 W linear fluorescent aquarium bulb is a premium, full-spectrum light that delivers an intense and balanced natural white light, closely mimicking daylight and producing accurate colour rendering. It is ideal for planted fresh and saltwater aquariums. This fluorescent bulb features a premium tri-phosphor formulation with a high CRI value for both accurate aquarium viewing and superb photosynthetic support of plants, corals and other invertebrates. This normal output bulb with a colour temperature of 6700K fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts. It is recommended in combination with Marine-GLO, Flora-GLO and/or Aqua-GLO. Size: 91 cm (36 in). T8 Bulb 30 W 2,335 Lumen 6,700 K 7,500 Hours
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