(W) FL Plshd Blk Agate Stone 40-50mm,700g

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Fluval Pebbles are finely polished decorative earthstones that are perfect for creating striking and elegant visual flair to your aquarium. The smooth and shiny stones are produced using time-honoured rock tumbling methods that achieve quality results. The completely natural stones are inert and will not adversely affect water chemistry. For freshwater aquariums. Polished Black Agate Stones. Size: 40-50 mm. Net weight: 700 g (1.54 lb). Key Features - Finely polished earthstones from India - Elegant decorative feature for freshwater aquariums - Tumbled stones with smooth, quality finish - Completely natural - Will not adversely affect water chemistry - Safe for aquarium fish - Stone type: Polished Black Agate Stones - Size: 40-50 mm - Net weight: 700 g (1.54 lb)
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