Artemiss - Salt & Fresh - 8 oz

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Artemiss - Salt & Fresh - 8 oz The 8 ounce container of Microbe-Lift Artemiss - Salt & Fresh is a scientifically formulated biological water purifier designed to reduce and diminish harmful pathogenic bacteria infections such as ascites, fungal disease, fin rot and ulcers, to name a few. Symptoms of these diseases include reddened fins, ulcers, bulging eyes, milky skin, increased respiration, fungus and dropsy show. The fish safe solution strengthens the natural immune system of your aquatic inhabitants, helping to provide them with the ability to build up a resistance to future pathogenic diseases and illnesses. Microbe-Lift Artemiss - Salt & Fresh is a natural expellant of bacteria, is effective at accelerating and promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues and is well sutied for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Dosage: 1 ml to 20 L, or 5 mL to 100 L aquarium water over a period of 10 days.
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