AT Ferret Cage - X-Large

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Ferret Cage - X-Large The extra large Animal Treasures Ferret Cage is perfect for any energetic and playful furry ferret. The sturdy, two story aluminum cages provides ample space for your ferret to run around, play and rest comfortably. With three ladders, a padded sleeping area and a flexible hanging hammock, your pet will have everything they need to be happy and healthy. With all of that extra room, there are plenty of places for you to introduce other toys or activities to keep your ferret occupied throughout the day. The unit itself features two lockable, secure doors on each level and a third smaller pull-up door on the top. This makes accessing all levels of the cage quick and easy, allowing for hassle free food and water changes as well as cleaning. The large open bottom of the cage makes it especially easy to quickly and thoroughly clean the cage of any waste or debris. 31" x 20.5" x 54"

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