(D) Living World Nature's Treasure Bird Toy Coco Husk Discs For small and medium hookbills

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Living World® Nature’s Treasure Coco Husk Discs is an all-natural bird toy consisting of Coco-shell/husk & Abaca rope that is designed to encourage preening, chewing and overall stimulation. For Small & Medium Hookbills. Living World® Nature’s Treasure bird toy collection consists of all-natural, hand-made toys that birds of all sizes and varieties will love. The multi-coloured toys are designed for visual stimulation and to attract the bird’s attention so they peck at the toy, not the furniture. Made of natural elements found in a bird’s natural environment, the toys are non-toxic and completely safe. The multi-textured toys are also chewable and can be shredded. They do not contain any tree wood from wild or endangered trees, plastic, metal, glue, rubber, latex, or toxic chemicals of any kind and only food-grade colours are used.
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