What is your favourite fish ?

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What is your favourite fish ?

At Rick's we have a lot of favourite fish. We would like to know what your favourite fish are!

Here are some of our Favourites: 

Fancy Gold Fish ~ On of the best beginner fish on the market! They get fairly large and usually brightly coloured making them easy to see. They are generally very hardy and can often develop unique interactive personalities. This makes them a popular choice for young children. Unfortunately, goldfish do not mix very well with other fresh water fish due to their high production of ammonia, but the number of goldfish species and personality make up for the fact that they don't mix well with others. 

Mollies ~ Are fairly large in the world of fresh water fish, giving them the ability to create impact in a tank. They come in a huge variety of colors from deep orange to bright yellow and from white to black to dalmatian print. The come in a number of varieties with accentuated fins or interesting body shapes. Mollies are a live bearing fish meaning that they give birth instead of laying eggs. As with most live bearers they breed readily and will often produce babies.  

Neon Tetra ~ These beautiful peaceful fish look stunning in large schools with their bright blue and red markings. They are generally pretty hardy and are easy to care for making them and excellent choice for all aquarists beginner to expert. They do enjoy being in groups of 5 or more. 

Sword Tails ~ Sword tails are another hardy live bearer. They are also, very colorful coming in a variety of reds, oranges and yellows, as well as blues, greens and blacks. The male sword tail is where this fish gets its name, the lower portion the tail fin is elongated and sword like. Sward tails are generally peaceful and easy to care for. 

Black Phantom Tetras ~ Black Phantom Tetra are often overlooked in the peaceful fresh water tank community, because they are usually quite small and plain when they arrive in store. These guys with age have a gorgeous diamond shape body that is often tinted red, they have a cat eye marking on their sides and black fins. They are peaceful and easy to care for so they make a great addition to any community tank.  

Cherry Barbs ~ Cherry Barbs a fairly shy for the barb family making them ideal for a peaceful community tank. They are smaller then some of their brethren, but what they didn't get in size they make up for in color. Female cherry barbs a a lovely tan color with dark chocolate striping down their side. The male cherry barb is usually a gorgeous deep red color with similar stripes down their side. These shy little fish are very hardy making them great for beginners. 




  1. Ethan Ethan

    Guppies are one of my personal faves. There are almost limitless colour and pattern combinations, from blue, green, orange, red, yellow, purple and the occasional pink colours mixed with a ribbon tail, leopard markings, beautiful fan tails or a mix of all three. Also a live bearing fish. Easy to care for and good looking fish.

  2. Shannon Shannon

    Any breed of Gourami! They are just beautiful fish and there is such a variety of colours to choose from. They are so nice to watch in the tank!

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