(D) Fluval Sea Nano LED 9000K

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Designed for nano and desktop aquariums, the Fluval Nano Fresh & Saltwater LED Lamp enhances fish, coral and plant colors in fish-only marine tanks, or plant and coral species that require lower light levels in a nano tank environment.Key Features : Enhances fish, coral and plant colors Featuring C.O.B (Chip-on-Board) LED technology: higher energy efficiency, better spectral performance, greater light output Designed for nano and desktop aquariums up to 40 L (20 US gal.) Can be used on both rimless and aquariums with top frames (max frame height: 30mm / 1 1/8in) 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting German Engineered Lamp Dimensions: 6.3 cm diameter (2.5 inches) Watts: 6.5W Lumens: 290 lm Color Temp: 9000K Total LED Count : 14 Lifetime Hours: 50,000 For Fresh and Saltwater aquariums
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