(D) Avenue Training Walking Halter Small.-V

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The Avenue Walking Halter allows you to humanly control your dog’s behavior by working with his natural instincts and reflexes to follow his nose. You can now instantly correct pulling, lunging and jumping during walks. With the Walking Halter, you can gently guide your dog to walk without struggling and teach him key obedience commands without force or punishment. It does not inhibit normal activities and allows the freedom to eat and drink while wearing it. The Avenue Walking Halter is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Avenue Walking Halter, Small. Neck size: 30cm-44cm (12in - 17.5in). Black with transparent comfort-fit snout band, adjustable neck band, adjustment slide, and attachment ring. For Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier, Standard Daschund, West Highland Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Whippet
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