(D) Dogit Style Adjustable Step In Dog Harness, Purple, X-Small (LC)

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The Dogit Step-in Dog Harness is part of the Dogit Walking Apparel Collection whichoffers a range of collars, leashes and harnesses in fun, fresh colours for all types of walking and training needs. Ideal for small breeds, the Dogit Step-in Harness allows you to put on the harness in one easy step and is designed to comfortably fit your dog. The adjustment sliders allow you to control the harness size to provide a custom fit, and the quick release snap allows the harness to be easily removed. Dogit Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness, X-Small, Purple. Size: 15.9 mm x 28 - 35.5 cm (5/8" x 11" - 14"). Ideal for small breeds, allows you to put on harness in one easy step.
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