(D) Dental Rope Toy - 6"

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Affordable and long-lasting, this Dental Rope Toy is a healthy & interactive toy for you and your dog to enjoy. Perfect for long-range fetching and close quarters tug-of-war play, this versatile toy is sure to keep your dog interested for hours, all while cleaning their teeth! The tightly woven strands of this tug actively clean teeth with every bite, while providing a gentle gum massage and helping to prevent long term dental issues. Provides a healthy outlet for your dog's natural chewing urges, and helps to alleviate boredom which can result in destructive behaviors. Great for solo or interactive play! The lightly mint infused Dental Rope will aid in freshening your Pooches breath. Always supervise your pets while they play. If product damage occurs, take the toy away immediately. Made entirely of non-toxic materials.
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