(W) Flower Food Topper - Tortoise & Box Turtle - 0.21 oz

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Zoo Med's Flower Food Topper is a high fiber dietary supplement composed of dried flowers and petals. Flowers are a natural and vital component in the diets of herbivorous and omnivorous lizards and tortoises, providing much-needed fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This food can be sprinkled on top of your pet's food or around their habitat, providing a healthy and stimulating snack to supplement their daily meals. High fiber content helps digestive systems and maintain a healthy gut. This topper also provides enrichment, helping to stimulate your pet's senses and potentially increase their activity levels. For best results, feed dry or lightly misted with water 3 - 4 times per week. This flower supplement is ideal for turtles and tortoises like Sulcata, Pancake, Russian, Marginated, Leopard, Greek, Hingeback, Hermann's, Star, Desert, Forsten's, Red Foot, and Box Turtles.
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