Herbtana - Salt & Fresh - 8 oz

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Herbtana - Salt & Fresh - 8 oz The 8 ounce container of Microbe-Lift Herbtana - Salt & Fresh is a scientifically formulated herbal immune stimulant that is designed to significantly reduce the presence of harmful aquatic parasites such as skin flukes, gill flukes, Ichthyophthirius multifillis (Ich), Oodinium, Costia, Chilonella and Trichodina. These parasitic infections are characterized by symptoms such as milky skin, rubbing against objects and heavy breathing to name a few. The solution also helps to promote the development of a healthy immune system that is able to combat and resist these types of illnesses in the future as well as accelerating and promoting the regeneration of previously damaged or injured tissues. The Microbe-Lift Herbtana - Salt & Fresh is a natural expellant of parasites and completely safe for all plants and aquatic inhabitants and is well suited for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments.
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