Microbe-Lift Herbtana (Saltwater) - 8 fl oz

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Herbtana (Saltwater) - 8 fl oz Microbe-Lift Herbtana Parasite Treatments are a 100% all natural and chemical-free parasitic disease treatment for white spot (ich), Costia, Flukes (gill & skin), Trichondia, Chilodonella and Oodinium on fish. During treatment, parasites can not return to the host which starves them; thus, killing off the disease entirely. This treatment is also recommended to use when adding fish into any new aquatic environment as it contains an immune-enhancing stimulant to protect them from attracting these parasitic diseases. This particular treatment is suitable for saltwater environments only. Protect your aquatic environment from potential life-threatening parasitic diseases before they spread from one fish to another for a happy, healthy and successful aquarium. Warnings Do not use on fish intended for human consumption, with other medications/treatments or algaecides and copper based products. Keep out of eyes and reach of children.
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