(W) Ranger by Zeus Remote Dog Trainer

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Ranger by Zeus Remote Dog Trainer safely and humanely helps reduce excessive barking with the gentle use of sound and vibration-pain free & shock free. This remote dog trainer allows you the option of two control settings: manual or automatic. The automatic setting provides long distance control (up to a 45 m/150 ft training range). It also has two different modes to choose from (sound or vibration), allowing you to select the mode that best suits your dog. The sound mode emits a high frequency sound that deters dogs from unpleasant behaviour; the vibration mode releases a vibration every time your dog barks. Low, medium and high settings allow you to adjust the level accordingly. Ranger by Zeus Remote Trainer for Dogs is an excellent training tool to use over short or long distances. Key Features : Neck Size: up to 68.5cm (27in) Adjustable collar with snap buckle for easy fastening Remote control with detachable wrist strap (45 m/150 ft training range) Water Resistant Includes battery charger and batteries (3 x L44 1.5 volts) 2 modes (sound and vibration) 3 settings (low, medium and high) 2 controls (manual and automatic) Visit www.hagen.com/zeus-ranger for more information on how to fit the collar, training tips and much more.
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