(W) AquaEffects Aquarium LED Light Experience - Model 2 - 24"

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The 24" Zoo Med AquaEffects Aquarium LED Light Experience — Model 2 provides top of the line lighting without being bulky and oversized. Sleek and slender, this lighting unit features a 24-hour programmable timer with customizable day and night light settings and transitions for sunset and sunrise. Additional light settings include wonderful effects such as waves, fading clouds and lightning storms for a more in depth lighting experience. Unlike many other lighting systems, the Zoo Med AquaEffects Aquarium LED Light Experience — Model 2 also features eight unique, nature-based audio tracks that synchronize with the appropriate lighting effect. Control lights and sounds such as Lake Waves, Jungle Stream, Nighttime lake, Light Rain and Waves and Thunderstorm using a convenient controller. Dimmable white and blue LED's and five individual LED channels allow you to save color settings and offers unmatched precision when choosing the appropriate light source for your aquatic environment. Provides your tank with beneficial UVA to help promote growth of both plants and animals. 850 lumens of power and is suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.
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