Zeus Meaty Bites, Salmon Fusion, 150 g

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Zeus Meaty Bites are delicious, tender morsels that dogs can't resist. Chewy and full of flavor, Meaty Bites are high in protein and low in fat, making these all-natural gluten and grain-free tidbits the perfect treat for even the fussiest pup. With real chicken as the first ingredient, Meaty Bites are available in three mouth-watering flavors. Key Features : All natural Made with real chicken High in Protein Gluten & Grain Free Low in Fat Made in Thailand Available in 3 flavors: Steakhouse Chicken, Salmon Fusion, Taste of the Ocean Also available : Zeus Meaty Bites Chewy Dog Treats, Steakhouse Chicken Zeus Meaty Bites Chewy Dog Treats, Taste of the Ocean
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