NF Bio Clear (Bio. Water Clrfr.),120ml-V

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Nutrafin Bio-Clear biologically clarifies cloudy aquariums caused by new-tank syndrome, excess food, organic waste, decaying plant remnants, and other issues. Bio-Clear uses a responsive enzyme-based formula that eliminates milky, cloudy aquarium water due to organic causes within 24 to 48 hours. To prevent cloudy aquarium water and help reduce aquarium maintenance, regular use of Nutrafin Waste Control is recommended. Size: 120 mL (4 fl oz) DOSAGE: * Remove excess organic matter and waste before adding product 5 mL treats 38 L (10 U.S. gal) - DO NOT OVERDOSE Allow 2 to 3 days for full product effectiveness. If cloudiness remains, repeat treatment. Treats: 908 L (240 U.S. gal)
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