Aquascape Blue Pond Tint - 8.5 fl oz

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Aquascape Blue Pond Tint can be used to help balance your pond water without the use of potentially harmful algaecides. Unlike other water tinting products containing only a dyeing agent, Natural Pond Tint features added enzymes that help restore and strengthen your pond's thriving ecosystem.

Blue Pond Tint is ideal for use in spring when water temperatures are beginning to rise, and before resident pond plants begin to shade your pond from direct sunlight. Its blue color helps keep your pond cool, while also helping to conceal your pond fish from natural predators. Safe for fish, plants, and animals. For quick, easy and accurate dosing, Blue Pond Tint comes in a convenient pump bottle. This 8.5 fl oz bottle treats up to 5,000 gallons of pond water (1 pump treats 100 gallons).


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