Exo Terra Wet Rock, Medium

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The Exo Terra Wet Rock caves supports your reptile with a secure and moist hiding place. A hiding place is ideal for your reptile to be able to hide and sleep. Without a safe spot, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates will easily develop stress that can effect their activity and appetite. Made out of eco-friendly ceramic, the cave retains moisture and helps reduce moisture and temperature fluctuations that can occur and also aids the shedding process. The cave is an ideal egg-laying site and is easy to maintain a humid micro-climate. It is perfect for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Key Features : Secure, moist hiding place Helps to prevent stress and aids the shedding process Easy to maintain a humid micro-climate Provides an ideal egg-laying site Reduces extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations Perfect for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
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