Marina iGlo 5G Aquarium Kit, 5 gal

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The Marina iGLO series accentuates fluorescent colors for a fun glowing effect. The fully equipped 5 US Gal (19 L) and 10 US Gal (38 L) Aquarium Kits include unique blue LEDs, bright silicone edging and iGLO décor for maximum fluorescence, with a Marina Slim series power filter and included media offers easy and effective cleaning to keep your aquarium healthy. Key Features : Max glow LED lighting Integrated Blue & White LED Lighting Quick and easy maintenance - slim series power filter with fast media replacement Includes : 19 L (5 US gal) glass aquarium with yellow fluorescent edging S10 Slim Power Filter Filter Cartridges, 1 x Bio-Carb, 1 x Bio-Clear Aquarium Cover with Feeding Port Integrated Blue & White LED Lighting Black Aquarium Background Soft Mesh Net, 4 in/10 cm LCD Thermometer 2 x iGlo Plants, 4.5 in/11.5 cm and 6 in/15 cm Galaxy Gravel, 2 kg/4.4 lb Aquarium Care Guide
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