EX Terrarium Turtle Heater, 75W-V

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The Exo Terra Turtle Heater maintains an ideal water temperature (around 25°C or 78°F) for aquatic turtles and most other aquatic reptiles and amphibians. The high-impact plastic casing and the stainless steel power cord protector keeps aquatic reptiles and amphibians safe. Included is a mounting bracket with two oversized suction cups for easy mounting in any aquatic habitat setup. Can heat up to 100 liters or 30 gallons. 75W max 100 L / 26 Gal Key Features: Keeps terrarium water around 25°C or 78°F Preset submersible heater Stainless steel power cord protector Rugged construction for safety Compact design with suction cup mounts Submersible Aquatic Terrarium heater for up to 100 L/30 Gal
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