ZM ReptiCare Rock Heater - Standard

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ReptiCare Rock Heater - Standard The Zoo Med Standard ReptiCare Rock Heater is designed to duplicate the natural basking process of most lizards and snakes. An isolated heat source helps them heat up their digestive tracts, aiding in the digestion of high protein meals such as mice and rats. ReptiCare Rock Heaters are not designed as a primary heat source for desert of tropical reptile species. Use a ceramic heat emitter, infrared lamp, or UTH (under-tank-heater) as a primary heat source. The Zoo Med ReptiCare Rock Heater features: Insulated nichrome wire element which creates even heat throughout the rock with no "hot spots" Low wattage, energy efficient operation - cUL/CSA approved Custom 100% hydrated rock material construction that is twice as strong as cement or pumice Easily washable surface for convenient maintenance The standard size ReptiCare Rock Heater is suitable for use with pythons, boas, king snakes, rat snakes, bearded dragons, monitor lizards, tegu lizards, uromastyx lizards, etc. Made in the U.S.A.
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